Show Review: Chad Valley @ Sidewinder (10/22)

The SidewinderChad Valley 18In my show preview, I noted that Chad Valley has become a must see for me. The last time through as a solo act, Hugo played Holy Mountain. Part of the sell of The Sidewinder was that it would be able to take Red7 bookings and have a space that was comparable to the dearly departed Holy Mountain. My back to back shows to start my time at The Sidewinder were outside and then inside so I have a decent feel for how the space works for both stages. Add to that a pleasant surprise in Stranger Cat and we have a great Thursday night show to kick off my F1 weekend.

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So I wandered in just before Stranger Cat took to the stage. Whisky sipping begins and pleasing tones start on stage. Stranger Cat is Cat Martino’s project now and she is touring with a drummer. I have said before that live drums to a digital act lends so much warmth and depth that can be lacking. While looking through the viewfinder, I couldn’t help but think the drummer looked familiar. Turns out, it was Alex from Snowmine. Nice to see a friend out doing something fun while the band takes a break, though I learned that Snowmine will be playing shows again soon. Hoping for new material!

Back to Stranger Cat, I need her stick to the original material. The covers fell really flat, but her originals worked and she has confidence in them. Stick to them.

Chad Valley. Holy shit. It was so good. SO GOOD. The set was a great mix of new and old, kicking off with my super severe hits “I Owe You This” and “Now That I’m Real” and then starting the rollercoaster of jams and ballads, straight vocal and falsetto on effects, old and a lot of new. Pamela is touring with Hugo again and she had a friends from elementary school, she grew up in San Antonio, in attendance. Hugo joked that he uses her Texan status to hopefully be an honorary Texan. I’m good with that.

You guys have to believe me and just go next time through. It was a dedicated group of fans that knew even the new songs, plenty there is room for new fans, too.

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