ATH Records 2015 Wrap-Up — Looking at 2016

athrecordsWe’re about to move forward to a new year, so I wanted to take a brief look back at our ATH Records releases in 2015, and give you a hint at what’s coming your way from us in 2016. We only had a few releases in 2015 (3), but we’ve already got four on the slates for 2016, so let’s look back and hint at what’s next. I threw in some songs so you could see/hear what we’ve been doing. Make sure to go like the bands on FB (it’s sad that it helps) and if you’re inclined, you can like our FB Page too. 

Lochness MobstersWar Tuna

I got lucky with this one; it sort of landed in my lap. It’s an infectious does of garage, surf and classical pop stylings, filled to the brim with hit after hit. The band’s live show is just as impressive, if not more so, so the white vinyl debut from the Austin (by way of Lake Charles) trio is definitely a must have. BUY IT.

Rose Selavy/Templo XSplit 7″

I absolutely love these two tracks on a fancy piece of green vinyl. Both acts offer a glimpse at the realm of indiepop, though with a different spin on the genre. On one hand, Rose Selavy offers a smoother pop sound, filled in by synths. Then there’s Templo X, brining a grittier bit of jangle to the fold. BUY IT.

Ocean PartyLight Weight 

When I started the label it was strictly to help out Austin acts, but as we’ve branched out, it only felt right to bring an Australian act to the fold. Light Weight was one of my favorite releases, regardless of whether or not I had anything to do with it. It bounces in parts, takes on a photo-pop spin in other parts. They keep churning out great albums, and if you’re not into it by now, then you should be. Their US release with us is very limited, so feel free to grab one. BUY IT.

Looking forward to 2016…

Summer SaltGoing Native EP (January 22nd)

I wanted to branch out with ATH Records in 2016, and while Summer Salt are definitely a pop band, they’ve got nothing to do with indiepop or garage rock. They bring a blend of bossa nova and sunny Cali stride to our little label, and I’ve been really excited to work with these dudes…not to mention that the art and concept looks great. PRE-ORDER IT.

We’ve also got three other great releases headed out soon after the New Year.

Big BillWeird Walk/Mainly Manly 7″

Young GirlsBlood Party LP

Plantation Band s/t LP

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