ATX Spotlight: New Music from Cross Record

emThis new single is one of my favorites on the newCross Recordalbum. I think the biggest thing for me is the slight bit of static that slightly crackles through your speakers; it seems like some sort of distant message that’s slowly making its way to your ears. Compound that with the varying textures/layers place atop the vocals then you’ll end up with a very avant bit of craftsmanship. I mean, even the explosive IDM touch at the very end is spectacular. Look for Wabi Sabion January 29th via Ba Da Bing.


  • Nathan,

    Got a buddy in from Atlanta, any good free shows Thursday, Friday or Saturday?

  • There’s tons going on this week (It’s our annual free week, so everything is free. Check out for more info. I think Barracuda, Cheer Up Charlies, Mohawk, Beerland are all great places to land this week. Plus, since it’s free you can wonder from venue to venue.

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