Show Pics: Free Week 2016 Pt. 1

Night DriveMy turn for giving Free Week a little love.

Night one with camera was a solid lineup at The Mohawk to celebrate our friend’s birthday. Pooneh is kind of a big deal in music photography and a damn nice person to boot. I was at the show and bought her a beer when she turned twenty-one five long years ago. Heh. But here we were with an excuse as good as any to have a solid lineup of bands with a huge amount of variation in genres. Featured and immortalized by the camera’s Shivery Shakes, Big Bill, Unknown Relatives, Milezo and Night Drive.

We persevered against the drizzly evening for a crisp night. Click through, please.

I gotta say, Night Drive is a thing for us. Dance party. Serious fun for us. Unknown Relatives and Milezo were a surprise for me, both solidly awesome. The Shakes debuted a few new tunes that continue their trajectory along with a Squeeze cover. We love the Big Bill so much, Nate is doing a record with them. Damn. I am proud of this scene and I love my friends.

Did I mention there were biscuits from Red Lostah?

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