Let Ski Lodge “Crush Your Heart”

12241054_910061415745802_7849050622918147658_oWhile there have been some great gems, this may be the best track of the day. Ski Lodge, or the project of Andrew Marr, has long held a place in our hearts, but this new track “Crush Your Heart” is really something and I can’t stop listening. It’s got a little bit of dream and synth pop action going on here, combined with a danceable rhythm that allows room for a bit more than just head bobbing and toe tapping. The synths really pack a punch, while the guitar parts keep you grounded in the tune and the lyrics remind you of the anxieties of dying (as if we really needed a reminder of that this week). I’m telling you, this track has truly got it all. Take a listen and make sure you pick up a tape off the limited run of the upcoming 2/26 EP here.

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