Slightly Late To The Party: Dance-Ready Synth-Pop From Porches

12186319_879335592142005_9194046950894279595_oYou may have seen this video from Porches already, as it debuted sometime last week, but just in case you missed it, I’m here to help you out. Word on the street is that we’re fast approaching a new album from Porches, and on the way to Pool, which is out February 5th via Domino Records, we’ve been graced with a video for this latest single, “Be Apart.” Heavy synths make up the majority of the soundscape and the light vocals juxtapose nicely with the poundingsynths. It’s got a great rhythm that’ll have you bobbing your head in the beginning and by the end of the track you’ll probably be halfway across the room, shaking your ass properly. Watch below and jump into the present with us.


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