SXSW Interviews: Howard

dudesSo close to SXSW that it’s actually already started…just not the music part yet. We’ve got another one of our interviews with Howard, who were actually just here the other day. If you can’t get enough, why not turn around and come back. Check below for their responses.

ATH:How many times have you played sxsw/Austin and what’s your favorite/least favorite memory of the city? If this is your first sxsw, what are you most looking forward to?

Howard: This is our second straight SXSW. We played at St. David’s Church last year and it was magical.

ATH:How do you go about choosing which songs to play in the limited time given in a standard minuscule ysxsw set?

Howard: In longer sets, we usually have time for more of our softer songs to give the set some ebb and flow, but in these short sets its important to make an impression quickly, so we gravitate towards the hits. Its not the full Howard smorgasbord, just a sampling platter.

ATH:Best case scenario, how does your sxsw go?

Howard: We play in front of a few packed rooms, experience zero technical difficulties (a rarity), make some new friends, eat some incredible tacos… and maybe our musical career takes off.

ATH:Who have you been listening to/ excited to see at SXSW?

Howard: The President and First Lady.

ATH:Name two bands from your home town that we should listen to?

Howard: Laplands & Sam Cohen.

ATH:Also, is the music scene in your city surviving? If yes, how? If no, what do you worry about?

Howard: Music is alive and well in New York City.

ATH:Describe your latest release in three words.

Howard: experimental, tranquil… effervescent.

ATH:Favorite way to pass the time on tour?

Howard: We listen to podcasts.

ATH:What’s the worst injury you’ve sustained on tour?


ATH:What’s a festival you’ve yet to play but want to?

Howard: Bonaroo.

ATH:What are your dream festival headliners?

Howard: Tame Impala, Bjork, Beyonc, Radiohead, Other Lives.

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