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blacktwig_blazeonaplain_cover_FINALIt might have taken three tries, but Blaze on a Plain is the perfect statement being made by Finland’s Black Twig. They’re songwriting is at the top of their game, with every member contributing greatly to the success of each song. Opener “1998” is such a great track, that you’d expect a little bit of fall back, but its successor “The Swallows” might be equally as good, if not better in a different sense. Still, don’t just think it’s a front-heavy listen; you’ll find some real gems throughout, especially when you come across album closer, “Sunday TV.” The band says they recorded most of the tracks live, with just some small bits of polish, and if that’s the case, we should all schedule a flight to Finland to catch these guys live. Just because the name might not ring a bell, don’t sleep on this excellent bit of pop; it’s available now courtesy of Soliti.

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  • Been following this band for a while. Lucky enough to see them in Bergen, Norway in 2011; a rare venture outside of their home country. Exciting to see them getting recognition outside of Finland. Soliti has a LOT of other great bands.

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