Intimate Minimalism From The Saxophones

The Saxophones - Band Photo A (Jesse Littlebird Photography)Nathan gets credit for finding this gem of a track, but it’s so good I don’t even mind giving him props. The Saxophones are a two piece husband and wife duo consisting of Alexi and Alison Erenkov, who are based in Oakland. Together, they are making 50’s inspired ballads of yesterday with modern touches that will blow you away with their subtleties. This song, “New Tradition,” is simply a delight; gentle vocals and minimalist instrumentation take turns through the song. It seems like there is never really more than two sounds occupying the sound space, and yet, this track has captured my full attention– everything works together to create a Grizzly Bear meets the vocals of Mystery Jets kind of folk track where you hang on every note. Definitely give this song a listen and then go check out their newest release, If You’re On The Water EP on their Bandcamp page.


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