Get Groovy With This New Mild High Club Video

Oh man, are you in for a treat. We know it’s hot and we’re in the thick of the dog days of summer down here in the ATX, but I’ve got the perfect track/video that will help you cool off. Mild High Club are a psychedelic slack band that should have your attention immediately. Once you start to listen to the song below and watch the video, you’ll be lulled into a daze of pleasant, laid back, vibes. The guitars trill through tweely, while the vocals are hazy and, well, mild. The chorus employs some jazzy percussion that begs for minimal subtle summer shimmying. All in all, it’s a tune worthy of your ears, so take a listen and get excited for their album with the same as this track, Skiptracing, which will be out August 26th via Stones Throw Records. Preorder it here.







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