Premiere: Indiepop Goodness from The Holiday Crowd

holidaycrowdYou probably want to deny it at this point, but you love the Smiths. In a way, that’s important to note here, as there are some vocal turns in this brand new track from The Holiday Crowd that look at the Moz. Still, the musical quality provides you with a peppier spirit…the staple of great indiepop. I think at the moment as I play this tune, I’m finding all these little secret bits to love, such as the hi-hat work hiding beneath the mix at the throughoutthe song. Or, the “ha ha ha” that breaks out just after the 3 minute mark; this song is filled with bits of nuance that make the song last in your mind, like all great tracks. Shelflife Records will release the Holiday Crowd LP on October 21st, and it will sell out!

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  • Such a wonderful track from them! I hope that the second album doesn’t get pigeonholed as being so derivative of the Smiths though; the band has definitely cultivated their own sonic aesthetic that, while referential, is highly their own.

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