Stream New/Old Unhappybirthday

unhappyPlease please please listen to this new/oldUnhappybirthday. I’ve been browsing the Interwebs forever and never found a thing I liked until I stumbled upon this one here..via the always reliable Kingfisher Bluez. This record, Schauer, was recorded in the bedroom, and it definitely has that aesthetic, at least in the vocals. Musically, however, there’s a real vibrancy that shines through the confines of one’s bedrooms, crafting pop songs you can take with you anywhere you go. Remember when you loved Blank Dogs? This is just as cool, if not cooler. But, if you’re one of those that caught on early, and already jammed this out, it has a new song on this edition, making it worthy. Besides, why not listen to good music today?

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