Dance Along With This New Video From Heat

heatOk, I’ll admit it, I can’t really say no to dreamy pop/rock… it’s my musical weakness, so forgive me if you’ve seen this elsewhere on the internets. Heat, out of Montreal, call themselves post-punk, but from this music video, “Lush,” it’s hard to not pick up on the dreamy new wave vibes that the band are puttingout. The track is exactly as its title suggests– overflowing with instrumentation that compliments and builds on itself. The guitar parts are interlocking and seamless, the synths chime in and out with lightness, percussion holds the groove in place, all while the vocals are hazy over the top of everything. Take a listen and watch below so you can dance through your Tuesday.

“Lush” is taken from the band’s upcoming debut, Overnight,which is out January 20th viaTopshelf Records.


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