Cloudberry Records Announce Some Other Day Collection

You can always count on a handful of dependable labels to hand you gifts you didn’t even know you wanted, such as the announcement of this collection of Some Other Day tunes. You can read a great interview about the foundation of the band via this interview on the Cloudberry Blog, then fall in love with the angelic combination of voice between Mark Walshe and Suzy Allen. This single offering also has that ringing jangle that indiepop fans will clamor for, leaving room for soaring harmonies between the two main songwriters for the group. The release of the compilation is slated to come later this year, so wait in anticipation.


  • wow, followed the link to Cloudberry and sampled the available track. Amazing! The Smiths clash with The Cure, Aztec Camera holds the coats and Lloyd Cole referees – how come no-one’s ever heard of them (apart from Cloudberry and Steve Lamacq)? Can’t wait for the full album.

  • I agree with you Jed C – it brings a smile to my face, I can’t stop playing it. Sounds a bit mid-80’s Postcard records also to my ears – I can’t find anything about Some Other Day anywhere apart from the interview on the Cloudberry site – does anyone know if they are touring the album?

  • They split up decades ago! Read the interview. Shame, they still sound soooooo good.

  • Cloudberry are just reissuing it, so we have a chance to enjoy the recorded material. Sadly no reuniting or touring at this point.

  • I picked up on this during an idle moment and loved it from the opening verse. I’m sharing it out to all who’ll listen. Usually it’s a bit hit and miss with these old UK indie bands but, based on the sample track on the Cloudberry site, this definitely sounds like a cut above. One that got away. I’ve pre-ordered the album and really hoping for some more of the same and equally as special. Keep up the good work in highlighting this kind of stuff.

  • Very interesting that Steve Lamacq now of BBC 6 Music and Radio 2 fame and champion of the UK indie scene used to manage this band. He obviously recognised a good tune when he heard it even then. Surprised they didn’t go onto bigger things given his involvement and connections.

  • What amazes me is how much we all seem to love this, yet there’s so little info out there other than the Cloudberry Blog and this post. Well, at least good music can live on here.

  • Does anyone know when it’s actually going to be available? I’m hooked from the 2 preview tunes.

  • Apparently they arrive next week at Cloudberry says their site.

  • Can confirm its available – after reading this thread I picked up a copy off the Cloudberry web site. Quality of the recordings is variable in places and some of it definitely demo material but, the songs and playing are great as others have already commented. If you like Smiths-era UK indie you will definitely not be disapponted by this.

  • Loving this – they should have been massive.

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