Show Pics: Tres Oui Release Party

Another week, another record released by Austin Town Hall Records.

The most recent excuse to get together with friends is the EP from Tres Oui. Singles Going Nowhere is five tracks perfectly crafted pop chock full of ringing guitar and driving backlines. It is a compact example of the concise EP as opposed to five goods songs with filler content. Oh, sure, they have new songs already, so be ready for that when you see them in your neighborhood. Did I mention this was a tour kickoff, too?

Hit the road, nerds.

Big ups to Square of Opposition, co-label on this deal.

More big ups to MCG, Poly Action, Roses and Golden Graves to joining in and making us party better. Apologies to MCG and Golden Graves for spending their sets elsewhere (next door and outside BS’ing, to be honest).

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