Interview with Lost Tapes and New Track

Lost Tapeshave just releasedtheir collectionWe Thought It Was Okay at the Time 2013-2015 via Shelife Records, and I reached out to RJ Sinclair to get a few words about the release, as well as bring about a new song featured on the collection. Check out a few questions to introduce you to the band, as well as a bit more information on the release:

ATH: What’s the history of these songs? Were they sitting around? Do any of them appear elsewhere?

RJ: Our idea always has been to be a band recording singles/eps around the world, we didnt have the idea to release a full album, till last year when we did it ( Lets Get Lost , Mushroom Pillow 2016 ).. But I think its much more fun to write a couple of songs, to record them and thats all, its like a game.

We’ve known Ed of Shelflife Records since years ago, but the first time we meet was in our USA tour in 2014, we were in town ( Portland, OR) and we cheated the Shelflife guys to come and see us that night, drinking beers and after our show (one of more punks shows ever), we talked about tdoing something together. They decided to do a compilation of all our old songs.. All these songs were released on really small record labels ( in Europe, USA, Japan ) just a few copies each released. What an awesome dream!, cos weve been real fans of the record label since a long long time ago.

ATH: How have you guys been able to become so prolific so quickly?

RJ: Maybe its because, as Itold you before, we really enjoy writing songs, we have a great time together, recording new songs. Were living in different cities, in that way we dont have too much time, so we try to take our time to the maximum. On theother hand I feel lucky cos we’re always working on new songs for new releases.. so all we record is for different record labels which want some new stuff fromus. We love it, so were still recording new stuff.. next releases will be a new Ep on Whoops Records from UK and another 7 for Slimer Records from Italy.

ATH:What’s your favorite track from the collection or what’s the story from Slumber Party?

RJ: All the songs mean something for us, cuz its like a family picture book, fromour beginning till now. All these songs recallmoments of my life, so its great.

Slumber party talks about a girl. The new one in the neighbourhood.. and she’s inviting you for a welcome girl party.. things are not going well, cos the other girls make fun of her and you know it’s like the movieCarrie; it’s a pop songs with dark lyrics.

Grab the new album right HERE.

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