The Black Watch Get Better with Age

I’m trying to think of another band, let alone an individual, who’ve been as prolific as The Black Watch. They’re readying yet another LP, and with that comes the single cycle with another great hit. I’ve tried really hard to put into words how much the band’s music has meant to me, but I think the only words I can manage are to say that the band still don’t seem to have hit their peak, in regards to songwriting. This tune is filled with delightful noise, but carries a soft underbelly that allows melody to unfold at the bottom of the mix. From the jangling guitars turning over one another to the shattering percussion, it all culminates in a blissful song stretching over 5 minutes. The Gospel According to John hits on April 21st.

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  • Beautiful…another tapestry of guitars, melodies and instrumental textures.You never get short changed with a Black Watch tune..absolutely ..better and better.

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