Brand New Pop Number from The Luxembourg Signal

As much as I relished the debut album from The Luxembourg Signal, I’m going out on a short limb and claiming this new single as the best work they’ve done to date…might just be one of the best songs I’ve heard this month, in fact. When the song came in, mixing guitars with speedy hi-hat work, I thought the band might jump off into an upbeat affair. Soon, however, synths washed over my speakers and Betsy Moyer’s smoky voice slowly billowed. For me, that combination would be enough to call it a winner, but the band won’t rest there; they bring in some walls of distortion and bending chords from the distance, building a dreamily infectious moment…Moyer’s voice almost takes on a playful tone during the chorus. And, as the song fades to a close, they throw in a slightly heavier hand and some vocal “bah bah bahdop,” only increasing my adoration. They’ve got their follow-up, Blue Field, in the works, but they’ll be releasing this song via 7″ on June 23rd via Shelflife. Sit back and fall in love here.


  • Thank you, but that smoke is coming from our one and only Betsy Moyer! You can hear me more on the chorus, but all that fire is coming from our Bets in the verse 🙂

  • Beth I <3 you. Thanks.
    I love singing this song with you. My top memory from the Europe tour was working acapella in the hotel room on the chorus ending, you're running away…

  • This was so great to hear live, and having my very own copy is something I’ve been looking forward too. Great song, kudos!

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