Show Pics: Tres Oui and Growl @ Hole in the Wall (5/25)

…with Blushing, too.

I am finally getting around to sharing some pics from our little party the other night at Hole in the Wall. I used to go there quite a bit way back in the day. I went on a few dates with a girl whose family lived there. I dared not go back for a decade after breaking up, just in case.

HitW also made for a great test of some new hardware. I have gone mirrorless with Sony. It is a brave new world.

Click through to see some photos from the night full of Blushing, Tres Oui and Growl with a few thoughts on both music and photography.

You all know Growl and Tres Oui by now, don’t you? If not get out and see them. It doesn’t hurt that they are two bands full of friends, but they are friendly, too. And what is it with Sam always getting back from somewhere exotic hours before Growl shows? And he proceeds to destroy on guitar. Pretty rad.

Blushing was new for me. Christina and Noe Carmona are husband/wife anchoring the band with bass, guitar and vox, but the foundation on drums from Jake and Michelle’s ringing fill round out the psych-gaze pop. Noe borrowed a guitar as he broke a string mid-set, hashtag community. Definitely have a listen to “Tether”. …then find them on a lineup soon.

As for photo stuff, I have the A9 and three primes; a 28/2, a 55/1.8 and 85/1.8. Mirrorless is the future, but is it the present? Still TBD, but the A9 could focus in light neither of my Nikons could find the broadside of a barn in. Hole in the Wall is not known for their incredible light show, basically three 4W bulbs (seemingly) with gels for color. I’ve seen nightlights that are brighter. But not only was it focusing, it was tracking from edge to edge. Pretty cool stuff. I really pushed things here, seeing how high I can go into the ISOsphere, so sometimes I forced shutter speeds up, the answer being ISO 25600. At 25600, there is still plenty of detail and rather pleasant, film-like noise in the shadows. Impressive, especially given these aren’t even processed from RAW as my preferred editing software can’t open the .ARW from the A9 yet. Sorry for boring you, just blogging a little.

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