Show Pics: Caroline Says and Growl @ ABGB

This show was a while back. I brought along the camera just for fun, even through it was a date night/friend dinner, as I hadn’t shot at ABGB. I figure I might as well share pics even though I am still learning a new camera system. On tap, besides the beer, was Caroline Says and ATH Records‘ own Growl. Both bands are chock full of familiar friendly faces. So, delicious pizza, great beer, wife, friends that joined for dinner, Team ATH Records, two solid sets in a unique venue, lovely evening had.

Click through for some tips and pics.

Beer: The Squeezebox Pale Ale carries quite a strong citrus nose and clean finish. The bitterness is a compliment to smooth character (35 IBU) and it has a medium alcohol content to make it terribly drinkable. Not quite a session beer, but you can have more than one and not trash your pallet. The YSB #6 Siouxsie’s Strawberry Girl is a pleasantly crispy and works nicely post meal to cleanse and is summer in a glass. Current rendition of the Hell Yes Helles is great. Nice night cap.

Pizza: We had a pizza with lamb and a cheeses and crunchy things and eggs. It was rad. We also had a salad with a little bit of crunchy prosciutto substance, fruits and veggies and pretty vinaigrette. The bummer is, neither is on the menu anymore. But that is awesome, because you are eating local and seasonally…

Caroline Says: This is one of those bands that you need to get out to see. Elegant composition with folk undertones and a layering that meets with quirky pop and excellent musicianship. We are looking forward to more sightings and shows. Maud on bass holds things down, climbing up and down the neck and Caroline delivers the gentlest musicality in between flourishes.

Growl: Jams from the record jammed. They covered “Love Vigilantes” that slipped into The Cure. Love these “bros”.

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