Show Pics: Lucy Dacus @ Stubb’s (8/14)

How goes?

Today’s collection of thoughts and photographs is centered around a gathering viewing proceedings on the inside stage at Stubb’s. Lucy Dacus brought her smoky lyrics underpinned by clever organic pop to life for an appreciative crowd of music fans out on a Monday night. The music people also were treated to Cowboy Crisis and The Diamond Center. Pretty varied lineup…

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Stubb’s, please no more purple. Your venue screams for nice white lighting with color accents due the warmth of the wood and tall room. That said, you sounded great last night, so that make us cool?

Cowboy Crisis is a project of a very soft-spoken and humble Dailey Tolliver out of Asheville, NC. Molly Burch joined to provide gorgeous backing vocals to an elegant albeit somber collection of songs. Sam Kossler and Jordan Moser rounded out the foursome on stage. It was charming and spell-binding. A respectfully quiet room soaked in the musicianship.

The Diamond Center was a complete recalibration, heavy fuzz and layered guitar. …and wooden flutes. Fronted by Brandi Price, the band jumps straight in fuzzy blissed out psych, with long stretches of heavy grooves broken up by an occasional flourish from the flute. At times, it seemed like Kyle Harris was playing two guitars as he would jump from lower to higher progressions, from rhythm to lead, instantly. You will be engaged.

Lucy Dacus allowed me to take some time to get a portrait or two. One is featured below, the other is on my instagram. Anyway, her performance was more intimate than a festival set. She featured some new music, it was a building track that became harder and harder edged. Perhaps the new record won’t be as subdued, hiding the themes in indie pop bliss that we are used to. Developing.

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