Introducing The Oysters

Disbanding a popular outfit such as Dreamboat can’t be easy, but it doesn’t seem to have slowed down Will Maxwell; he’s bringing his new project, The Oysters, into the Austin limelight. It can’t hurt that the band recorded their upcoming EP with Austin’s Ian Rundell (a hot commodity who recorded our own Pollen Rx). The song we’re sharing with you today opens up with a meandering folk bit, sending you right into daydream mode…though careful ringing sounds of the guitar seem to indicate an impending burst. However, the band doesn’t just toss that out willy-nilly, moving into a mathematical jam in the song’s middle before forcefully erupting with a growl just beyond the 3.5 minute mark. I’m a huge fan of movement within the confines of a track, and really happy to see these guys execute it so well. Lookout world, The Oysters are here!

P.S. Don’t be afraid to click on the Bandcamp link below and find another new track waiting for ya!

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