Go Out and Listen to FACS

I was in love with FACS before I even knew the band existed. The trio that have formed this band all were part of Disappears, so my adoration was already there. Then they’ve signed on with Trouble In Mind Records to release their debut Negative Houses…again, I’m a constant TiM supporter…so check that box. Your 8 minute journey on the band’s first single here admittedly requires some patience; it won’t hit you until you’ve fully given yourself over to the stretching number. Ambient noise, echoes and rolling percussion fill the first three minutes, though I suppose fill is the wrong word to use, as there’s a huge emptiness that’s omnipresent. When the vocals commence, they seem to climb out from the abyss, primal urges escaping as last gasps unto the world above. Definitely not your run-of-the mill number, and we’re all the better for it. The album will be available in March of next year!

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