SXSW Interview: Nassau

We continue our SXSW interviews by catching up with Nassau, the duo of Justin Wilcox and Jeffrey Silverstein . Late last year they released the excellent Heron, and they’re riding that momentum all the way into Austin. They’ll be playing their official show on March 16th at 18th Over Austin at 8 PM. Stream their recent album below, and follow that jump for the interview.

ATH: Every Year there is a lot of hubbub concerning corporate sponsors and pay to play and what not at SXSW. As a band, what’s your reason for coming to play at the festival? What do you hope to get out of it?

Jeffrey: Justin and I are split between Brooklyn and Portland. Living on opposite sides of the country, weve got to take advantage of the opportunities we do have to be in the same place to record or perform. Were trying to keep up the momentum we have from releasing Heron last year as we prep new material. Its been a minute since Ive been down to perform so also looking forward to seeing familiar faces, seeing friends showcases and introducing new people to our music. Plus, tacos and lonestar.

Justin: Personally I love the Southwestern US. March is usually the worst time of the year weather wise on the east coast so its always nice to get out to Texas where its warm and sunny. As long as I have fun Ill have gotten all I want out of it.

ATH: For most SXSW sets, you get 30 minutes to leave a lasting impression. What’s your plan of attack? You have a set list mapped out yet?

Justin: I think so. My plan of attack is to just play like we always do. I definitely dont think it makes a lot of sense to make special plans for industry people or whoever. Just do your thing and If their into it great, if not who cares. Just be true to your craft.

Jeffrey: We have a 30 minute set pretty dialed in at this point. Most of the shows weve played to date have had us in the 30-40 range so its sort of our bread and butter. Less is more.

ATH: The festival caters to music fans, but food and booze are an important aspect of the fans and the bands. What’s your band’s food and beverage of choice?

Jeffrey: When we played D.C over the summer, I dont think the venue realized we were only two people so we wound up with multiple sandwich platters and a case of beer. That will pretty much do it every time for me. Also thank you Songbyrd Music House for being one of the nicest places Ive ever played music.

Justin: Tacos + Lonestar. When in Rome.

ATH: There are tons of bands coming into town. Who would you ideally like to play with of the 1000s of bands gracing our city? Make your own optimal line-up.

Justin: I saw Cut Worms will be out there. Played with Max in Brooklyn once. Like that guys stuff.

Jeffrey: Definitely Cut Worms, Molly Burch, Bernie Sanders, The National Reserve, Hayley Henderickx, Julia Lucille, Michael Rault.

ATH: We are partial to SXSW obviously, but what festival do you feel is the best around?

Jeffrey: Hopscotch in Raleigh is incredible. Always had a good time playing the Savannah Stopover as well. Now that Im living out in PDX Im hoping to see what all the fuss about Pickathon is all about.

Justin: I think different festivals are great at different things. SXSW is always great.

ATH: Let’s say your band has been booked an official showcase at a pop up venue somewhere in the middle of 6th street. The lineup features thrash metal, hip-hop, spoken word, and you. The sound is horrible, the lineup is not your style, and the crowd seems angry at the world. How would your band deal with such a situation?

Justin: Just play. Our music is soothing so Id hope it would ease some tension.

Jeffrey: Justin nailed it here – just get into it. Not draw attention to any tension and just go for it.

ATH: What’s your favorite album to come out in the last year? What’s playing in the tour bus?

Jeffrey: That Julie Byrne record is just too good. Im also really digging on forthcoming records from Nap Eyes and Amen Dunes.


King Krule – The Ooz // Julie Byrne – Not Even Happiness // Moses Sumney – Aromanticism

ATH: Who wins the World Cup this summer?

Justin: Dale Earnhardt Sr.

Jeffrey : People are crazy about our soccer team in Portland, The Timbers. I know they cant actually win but thats who Im rooting for.

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