Premiere: Good Field Release Necessary Feeling Video

Last month, Austin’s Good Field released their third LP, Surface Tension, and we’re stoked to bring you the band’s brand new video for “Necessary Feeling.” Riffs ring out immediately, waiting for the drums to pound their way into the picture, as they do in this video. Singer Paul Price soon enters the picture, walking a line between croon and warble; he manages to pull in the reigns, stretching himself into the higher notes. The keyboard notes throughout provide some nice balance, polishing the rough edges ever so slightly to keep a certain pop sensibility. But, the song seems to come to a brief end just over 2.5 minutes, but give it a second, as the band comes back forcibly to leave their mark with one final punching run to the close. If you love the song like we do, grab the LP HERE…and if you’re in Austin, you can catch them at the following shows:

March 11 @ Hotel Vegas (2:15), March 11 @ Spiderhouse (6:40), March 13 @ 720 Club (11:00), March 15 @ Radio Milk Studios (2:40), and March 17th @ Radio Coffee + Beer (9:00)




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