Show Pics: Cut Copy @ Stubb’s (3/29)

Last weekend started off with a dance party. Friday may have been the single nicest day of the year; it was like nature was air conditioned. What better way to celebrate than with a show at Stubb’s? How about a little Cut Copy to add to that pleasantry? How about a solid opener like Kauf?

The show wasn’t a total sell out, but it got close which is not really surprising given they were at SxSW. Cut Copy was sharing some new jams surrounded by all the hits. This was the second date of the actual tour after a few small fest sets and aforementioned SxSW action.

Did you go? Did you miss it? Click through and let’s review while viewing all the photos together…

The party people met up at Easy Tiger for some beverages and snacks. May I recommend the salmon spread sandwich and the Sierra Nevada Kellerweis.

The crowd at the beginnings of Kauf‘s set was pretty thin. Those there early were treated to some great songs. A blend of loops, guitar, bass, drums and synths with an airy vocal that jumps to falsetto for punch merged with long build ups, then resetting to start the cycle. The photographers spent about half the set in the pit as each song rolled into the six minute mark. Song selection was from the debut full length, Regrowth. As a live act, they were fairly solid for a “project band” with appreciative banter between song, but a couple delays changing settings and queueing analog synths. Ronald Kaufman, the architect behind the songs, would move between stations and instruments dragging the microphone along. The crowd that filled in were won over.

Cut Copy was about ten minutes late, though Kauf did run a bit long. They played a brief intro and then dove head first into the hits with “Need You Now”. I missed bonding with dance-party mates and the wife to get these photos, so you better love them.

Momentum rarely waned, even the new songs from Haiku From Zero were met with raised hands and happy feet. The show was a natural evolution of the band’s live performance, lighting and led panels gradually increasing in involvement to keep up with their on stage presence, but never taking over. Tim on guitar and occasional synths jackrabbits around as Dan anchors front and center, at times taking a step back from his synthesizer pulpit, confirming and denying his lyrics and synth structures like a politician. There is no drop off, Cut Copy is still an amazing live act. They nail new songs, they nail the hits, just go see them if you can.

Need You Now
Black Rainbows
Nobody Lost, Nobody Found
Living Upside Down
Free Your Mind
Counting Down
Pharaohs & Pyramids
Hearts on Fire
Standing in the Middle of the Field
Take Me Over
Out There on the Ice

Meet Me in a House of Love
Lights and Music


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