Optiganally Yours Make Catchy Pop Music

Rob Crowe has long been a staple on ATH with his work in the now legendary indie band Pinback. He’s a busy guy in the music game, and 2018 will be no different as he is currently working on a massive box set collection under a multitude of names and aliases. One of his first releases of the year is coming with his friend Pea Hix under the moniker Optiganally Yours. Now most of you are likely not familiar with the name, but the duo actually released some material back in ’97 & ’00 but have been pretty dormant ever since. So after many years of quiet, the guys wrote a whole bunch of new songs with influences from their previous demos and whatnot. The very first single of this material is called “Night Shop” and is an incredibly catchy pop song with those always irresistable vocals from Rob. This might be my top single of the year. For reals.

Optiganally Yours will release new album O.Y. In Hi-Fi on July 20th via Joyful Noise.

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