Premiere: Committee(s) Read (Final) Flares

Committee(s) have been working for a few years now, with Sean Husick organizing the group’s debut around various other projects by the members. What began as an after-show conversation between friends has completely evolved into the band’s first full-length, (Final) Flares. Members of the band have performed in acts such as Milemarker, Bats & Mice, as well as Sleepytime Trio, so it would suffice to say that noise and certain indie rock tendencies would be present. That said, the band take that history and spin it into this spinning piece of calming shoegaze. Guitar chords ring in the distance, but there’s this subtle harmony that works throughout the song’s six minutes. Boiled down, it’s a pop song, informed by the history of its members who’ve been working playing music longer than most of us have been reading about it (online, at least), crafting a style wholly their own at the moment. Their debut LP will be released by Lovitt Records on May 18th.


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