Photos: Texas Record Label Bazaar @ ABGB (5/12)

Hey everyone. I went to hang out with the friends and family, dogs and mascots on Saturday at the Texas Record Label Bazaar.

We said goodbye to the last few Summer Salt EP’s, said hello to a number of new labels from outside Austin and ate some pizza and drank some beer. There were a ton of great finds lurking, from punk thrash to banjo ballads to new age intrumentals. I loved the diversity and number of familiar names on the tables.

So sit back and see some funny, candid and touching moments from the event.

Hi. Truly an extension of the Austin Records Label Flea Market, we had people in from Houston, San Antonio and DFW, even had vinyl presses talking packaging and new products. Thanks to Amurica photo booth and Fine Southern Gentlemen screen printing. Big ups to our hosts ABGB and to KUTX and the Texas Music Office. Finally, thank you Chip and Erin at Modern Outsider for quarterbacking this round.

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