Uplifting Number from Summer Magic

Summer time brings Summer Magic! Summer Magic brings bright hook-laden pop tunes! I love exclamation points! So this song snuck into my head and it won’t leave. There’s something nostalgic that it brings up, especially when the vocals change slightly during the chorus…feels familiar like great pop songs do. Something from the snare work to the melody definitely recalls summer time, so the name’s definitely apt. This song will feature on the new album Sharks and Other Dangers, which will be available to the masses on August 31st. Go on, be a pop fan.

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  • What a cool find. I dig it. Totally agree, great hooks, classic pop structure. They nailed the use of harmonies to give it that bittersweet pop feel. They did a really smart thing in having the guitar go single note/arpeggiated when the song builds instead of slamming full chords. Keeps it cleaner and let’s the vocals breathe. They do it again on the outro at around 3:30.
    Reminds me a little of The Raveonettes “Last Dance”, Neon Trees “Mad Love”, and I even hear a touch of Fountains of Wayne in there.
    Kudos to Summer Magic. Gotta love good pop. Look forward to more from these guys.

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