Goodbye to Growl

Back in 2017 we were lucky to release Won’t You, the debut full-length from Austin’s Growl. I’d been following the band for quite some time, so I considered it a monumental achievement in its own right; I couldn’t be more proud of that record. But, there comes a time when you let go of the things you love…and as such, we big a fond farewell to Growl, who are currently calling it a day due to life changes amongst the band. Kent, Austin’s best drummer, is off to grad-school…Jon is headed to Seattle then to Sweden for the time being. In honor of their happy closing, we’re pleased to share the following video. It was shot by Ryan Sax while the band was touring throughout the States; you can hear a beautiful acoustic version of “Passerby” and a live version of “Duck Sauce” from their LP (you can buy it HERE); it does a really great job of capturing the spirit of the group, one of the many reasons we were fortunate to work with them. We wish both Kent and Jon the best as they depart; Austin will have a huge hole where the boys in Growl have gone on to adventures unknown.

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  • There will be next chapters for all, but selfishly, we want to know Growl is making music somewhere. It was like a security blanket, they are on the lineup, OK, we can go.

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