Song Premiere: Otis Wilkins Introduces Strangest Place

When we first became familiar with Taylor Wilkins, the musician was performing with a band he formed at Texas State, The Couch. That group gave way to heavy, guitar rockers, Otis The Destroyer. While we love both incarnations of Wilkins’ rock milieu, the man’s solo project, Otis Wilkins might be the most promising. Hit the jump for more.

Following an invitation to participate in Project ATX6, a program that introduces Austin artists to fans in foreign locales, the singer and guitarist began fleshing out ideas he had already begun writing down for his solo endeavor, eventually settling on a moniker that is an amalgam of his dog’s name and his own. The result is a truly startling EP. We actually got chills writing that down. And yes, it’s really THAT good. Wilkins demonstrates an adeptness at songwriting that highlights his rather impressive vocal performances on the recording. The dude isn’t just a screaming rocker, that much is clear.

Our favorite track (and the one we’re premiering today from the forthcoming record) is the title track, “Strangest Place.” The song begins with a high wail and an alt-country band playing behind him. After a brief intro, Wilkins gets right into it, belting heartfelt vocals that send shivers down your spine. If you don’t react similarly, you might already be dead inside. The refrain is frankly catchy, with Wilkins’ voice ringing clear over a steady drum beat and bass line while he handles guitar duties. The song has all the trappings of a hit single, great songwriting, good music and strong, clear voice. We already know the track is phenomenal. Take a listen and let us know what you think.

Music fans can hear the rest of the EP performed live at the Otis Wilkins “Strangest Place” release party on August 24 at Stubb’s BBQ with Blood Pumps and Little Mazarn. Advance tickets available here.

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