Introducing Indigo Bunting

Those of you following this site the last decade or so might already know a few of the fellas in Indigo Bunting, as they were active members of ATH faves, Tiger Waves. Today, the new project drops two new tunes to introduce themselves to the masses…and what promise these two songs give us! “Little Moonwheel” is a light-hearted folk style pop song; I’m quite impressed with the lush arrangements on the song…these guys have always had great care in the details of their songs. “Pull Trap” is more of a psychedelic pop adventure from outer space; I kind of see it as a grandchild of the more curious Elephant 6 acts. Two songs with two similar, yet diverse tastes…promising news from the Indigo Bunting camp. You can grab the tracks for NYP at Bandcamp.

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