A Slice Of Something Divine With This Video From Tōth

I don’t care if you’ve already seen this video, I’m pretty much obsessed with it, so I needed to share. Tōth is the project of Rubblebucket’s Alex Toth, who is making some lovely tunes under this moniker. The latest of these tunes is “No Reason,” which is accompanied by this incredible illustrated video from artistAmanda Bonaiuto that I could honestly, and have, watch all day. Bathed in pastel colors and sychronized animals, the video is utterly captivating, as is the song that Tōth has crafted. It begins as a slow march, with twinkling subtle piano, light strumming, and these silky falsetto vocals that bathe the whole track in this easy calm. Calm, yes, but also utterly engaging lyrically, as we’re serenaded about a longing for bliss and sincerely this track gives that very sensation. About halfway through this lone trumpet chimes in and its solitary, muddy sound is so striking in the mix before it’s joined by the rest of the elements, including choppy hand-clap-esque percussion, for its orchestral climax. Take a peek and fall in love.


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