Resonars Share Beagle Theory

Resonars seem to have been around since forever, consistently putting out releases for nearly 30 years. Well, there’s good news, as the band have a new LP coming your way via Trouble In Mind Records. Much of the record has the group working in familiar power-pop territory, but that’s not the case in the tune below…which closes out the album. It opens with this huge circling guitar chord, ringing out whilst the vocals let us softly slide into the track. Drum beats drop in, harmonies soar and you’re transported to the highest levels of guitar-pop, where few deign to go. It almost feels like the closing number to some incredible medieval soundtrack where the hero gets carried off into the sunset. No Exit will be out on April 19th!

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  • ..made my day, needed a little lift up. I came to The Resonars a little late in the game, but this is not an organization that requires chronological exposure. This work transcends the temporal. This song, and the entire body of work, taken as a whole, will still sound entirely fresh in a hundred years, and were all better off for it today.

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