New To You: Bright Dream Pop From Wasuremono

This track may have come out a little ways back, but it’s too infectious not to share. Wasuremono are an outfit out of Bradford on Avon, and they’re going to release an LP with the same title as this track on June 14 on The Wilderness Records. The name of the band, from Japanese, roughly translates to “something forgotten or left behind,” which is perfect, as while “Are You OK?” is a bright and sunny tune, there’s a lament of wistfulness that lingers though the song. From the start, the percussion is incredibly upbeat, joined shortly by twee synth and then the sheer vocals waft in with some “Ohhs,” and you’re hooked before the lyrics even start. Everything about this track feels like golden hour, just as the sun is setting; the lyrics put you at the sunny seaside, but that chorus asks you the same question, over and over, hinting that darkness is coming quick. An utterly gorgeous dream pop hit, “Are You OK?” is a track that will move you, not only with toe tapping, but also on an emotional level.


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