Nah Drop New Indiepop Gem

There’s all sorts of sub-genres within the realm of indiepop; you’ve got the frantic jangling sort, the twee as fuck, the nonchalant bedroom pop and you’ve got the swinging croon. I like to bounce all over, but it seems Nah are out to perfect the crooning side, and they’re pretty damn near close with this new single. This number features this understated guitar shuffle working beneath, backed by a swinging rhythm section that drives the song forward; I also never shy away from a band with a sweet harmonica solo that actually fits the track. Ultimately, the majesty of the song stems from the vocal interplay between Sebastian and Estella; it’s like they’re singing to one another from opposite sides of the room, and we’re all caught up in the melodious dialogue. Put this on play and don’t look back!

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