Wild Firth Share Nevermind Video

If you’ve missed they hype surrounding Wild Firth‘s new LP, then now’s your time to get in on the action, and what better way than by enjoying the group’s new video. The video is sort of a journey in and of itself, taking the viewer on a ride through a sort of hazy 80s style cut of landscape images; it fits pretty perfectly with the vibe of the tune itself. A fuzzy guitar opens things up, letting the vocals sort of work the listener into things. You could see where some bombast would be perfect as the tension builds, but the group, don’t go with the expected, dropping this gorgeous light jangling guitar pop to meld with the fuzzy feels. There’s a nice little vocal change right before the 2 minute mark, adding a wee bit of pop sensibility in the song’s latter half. I know you love it, so go grab Lawn Memory, out April 26th via Forged Artifacts.

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