Lovely Lo-Fi Pop From Beauty Queen

Beauty Queen is the brainchild of San Francisco’s Katie Iannitello, who makes hazy and hooky bedroom pop with a hint of chillwave. Her project, produced by Daywave’s Henry Nowhere, has a new EP out calledOut Of Touch, and it’s filled with the kind of grooves reminiscent of U.S. Girls crossed with the likes of Cuco. It’s all at once dreamy and gritty, which you’ll understand on the title track, “Out Of Touch,” where you’re greeted with twangy riffs and then Iannitello’s whispery vocals coat the whole track in a bit of hazy fog. Then you’re struck by the disco-esque chorus that is catchy enough to secure its place in your brain for the rest of the day at the very least. Head over to Beauty Queen’s SoundCloud to jam the rest of the EP.



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