Rocking Number from Necking

I jumped right into this Necking tune because it was delivered my way via Mint Records, a hit making outfit I can always rely upon. In the release, the word “powerhouse” was utilized, and I can’t help but think that’s the most apt descriptor I can come across. It begins with this heavy, almost grunge riff, pummeling your speakers for the first 20 seconds before slinking into this seductively bouncy pop moment; don’t get too comfortable, as the quartet are working with this ‘powerhouse’ concept. As soon as the chorus screams at you, you completely fall for it; “big mouth” is howled at you, angrily, yet when juxtaposed with the verses, you’re hooked. A powerful tune from a powerhouse quartet, who will deliver their power to you via Cut Your Teeth on July 5th.

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