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Not too long ago, I just casually dropped a new tune from Brooklyn’s the Holy Tunics, in hopes that it would build some anticipation for their latest album, Hit Parade Lemonade Supersonic Spree. Well, tomorrow Meritorio Records will drop the entire thing, so we wanted to give you a sneak preview of what was laying in wait for you. Grab the album HERE, stream below…and jump July Tour Dates for random Nathan thoughts on each track.

Saber Tooth World – To me, this is a sort of crunchier version of Brit Pop; it uses the same hazy melodies in the vocals, while having this natural propulsion that comes from the rhythm section. They threw me for a loop at the 3 minute mark, but circled back with huge riffs to wrap the track.

Upside Down in Wonderland – As a huge fan of guitar pop, I love where the band end up here. No, it’s not another Teenage Fanclub reference, though that could be apt, but this is more about the short and sweet power-pop, the sort that Sloan have crafted over the years; it would totally rule in 10 Things I Hate About You, if that soundtrack needed a revisit.

3:33 – Folks, this is the third track, so the title seems redundant. But, this is also what I love about the group’s project; they seem to reinvent themselves with each track, thus far. Here, you have a mixture of indiepop and gaze elements, kind of crafting this upbeat dreamscape with these really spectacular changes in the tones of the vocals.

Rocket to the Alien Planet – Here we have the band digging deeper into the fuzzier side of things to kick it off, but quickly it sort of changes into this perfect place that replaces Apples in Stereo; there’s this innate playfulness in the band’s lyrics/song titles, yet they’re not trying to be clever for clever’s sake, still employing plenty of hooks to bring you back.

Darn Birds – I don’t know why, but I love love love this track. I think the lyric “fucking about with not much on my mind but the next thing that rhymes” completely sold me. Plus, you ever find a song that just feels right? This is the one for me, at least right now.

Blum Tree Hill – Here, the band again open with these heavy riffs before bounding off frivolously; I also feel like this song’s calling me out…did I say something about the gaze to you all!? But, that said, this one seems to have the most jangle in it, which I think will make fans of Butter Dish (the group’s last LP) really happy.

Cloud 69 – I wrote about this song HERE.

Electronic Eyes – Sharp guitars that shoot this way and that; this is one of those tunes that seems to fit the group’s focus on 90s alternative throughout this record. I uses that balance between heavy and softness to sell the hook to the listener, but only in the way that Holy Tunics can do.

Living in a Strange World – This song feels so familiar, from the guitar sound to the way the vocals were recorded. Oddly, it almost fees like a sort of Robyn Hitchcock tune, sort of spun in this alternative world with chords that ring, then driven home with this big natural pop nugget that’s easily digestible by any casual listener. In the end, it’s one of those tracks that just feels timeless, feeling dated and present all at once.

Violins and Pyramids – Is this where I admit I was a huge fan of Oasis? I could see this fitting into that brand of late, grasping to the straws, Britpop, like on Definitely Maybe. Nice little solo, cool cool vocal that I want to sing, just for that part and this fade out that almost feels like the band were forced to stop in the studio before you found out how good they were.

Yesterday’s a Painted Butterfly – You get all the way here, and you realized that the Holy Tunics are heroes. They’ve made an entire LP that sounds cohesive, yet even on the last tune, it still feels like no tune of this collection repeats itself; they all sound different, each offering their own jewels within the track. I will say, this one’s fighting for the rights to my 1st/2nd favorite tune on the LP; I’ll tell you who wins after you’ve listened through the whole thing.

Final Verdict: This record rules. Especially if you’re just a fan of really great pop songwriting. There’s melodies, there’s nostalgia, but its filled with originality. I could honestly say, 11/11 of these numbers are playable as stand alone tunes…but you really should just listen to the whole record.

Tour Dates:

Tues 7/23, Austin, TX: Cheer Up Charlies w/ Daphne Tunes, Dorio
Wed 7/24, El Paso, TX: Neon Rose Bar w/ If We Were Turtles, Gila Monster
Thurs 7/25, Phoenix, AZ: The Lunchbox w/ The Desert Beats, Tropical Beach, Yipee
Fri 7/26, San Diego: SD Content Partners w/ Former, Shindigs, Brushed
Sat 7/27, Los Angeles, CA: Monty Bar w/ Smokescreens, Susan
Sun 7/28, Oakland, CA: Oakland Secret w/ Seablite, Lunchbox
Mon 7/29, Reno, NV: Recycled Records
Tues 7/30, Provo, UT: The Rad Shack w/ The Djinn, Pick Pocket, Cupidcome
Wed 7/31, Denver, CO: Nude City Relief Center


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