Ryan Traster Shares Lost in a Sound

You ever press play on a track and immediately feel like you’re home; you immediately get that feeling of maximum comfort? Well, when I press play on this new Ryan Traster single, that’s exactly the place where it transports me. Listening through repeated times, you can hear these classic 80s left-of-the-dial pop touches in the balladry, but I can also hear a little bit of that country tinge that’s painted all across the tune. And, considering that Traster has only recently recovered from a damaged vocal cord, his voice sounds spectacular; it carries just the right amount of warmth, so as to slide right into the landscape of the track itself. You deserve to feel good today, so listen to this track. If you like it, it appears on Ryan’s new LP, Choses Obscures, out on July 19th via Slow Start Records.

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