The Red, Pinks and Purples Announce Album

Glenn Donaldson’s name should be familiar to folks at this point, but I’ll admit that I was completely unaware that the Reds, Pinks and Purples LP was on its way; I should have known due to all the demos and such up this year. Regardless, Anxiety Art is here, and we get to hear two of the tracks below. The first tune has this gentleness, this soft edge to the vocals that sits coolly betwixt the two guitar lines as the percussion gives just a hint of a bounce. In the latter tune, there’s this feeling of yearning for some reason; the style seems similar to the first, though just a few of the syllables seem to be out in the world searching for something. Just feel like these two songs along are a gift that will give back to me all weekend long; the full LP will be out soon via Pretty Olivia Records.

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