Derde Verde Share Your Ghost

I’m a little late in the game sharing this track, but it’s an utterly haunting folk rock tune that brings me back to early Grizzly Bear days, so it’s a must listen. Derde Verde is a two piece based out of L.A., comprised of Dylan McKenzie and Jonathan Schwartz. “Your Ghost” is their latest single and it’s a perfect slice of introspective beauty for you to get lost in.The last minute of this track is where the band really shines–lead songwriter and vocalist Dylan McKenzie’s vocals soar above the winding guitars and steady percussion like a beam of sunlight finding its way through the branches of a tree. “Your Ghost” is at once delicate and lush, making it the perfect soundtrack to the cool breezes of fall that will hopefully be on their way to us soon. Take a listen below, and look out for the band’s upcoming LP, Slow Light, which will be out on October 11. Pre-order it here.

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