Progressive Folk From Crywolf

I don’t know about you, but I love music that can be hard to pin down into a certain genre or one specific sound. Take for example this new single “Your Joy is Your Sorry Unmasked” from Justin Taylor Phillips and his recording moniker Crywolf. It’s a song which starts simply with some acoustic guitar over quiet, solo vocals yet builds and builds with these beautifully layered vocals and sparse percussion. As I continue to listen over and over, I am finding interesting and mesmerizing layers to peel back with each time I hit play. Quite a stunning song.

One comment

  • I love his music. It’s so dense and has so much layers of voice and instruments, it has the ability to really touch the dephts of one’s soul and that happens because he really puts himself on his work. It is stunning to see the evolution of the albuns, absolutely not because one’s better than the other, rather because we can see the changes that Justin went through that affects mainly the melody in my opinion. Such an artist!

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