Song Premiere: Paul Jacks – Shy Boy

We have a fresh new piece of sound for you today from Paul Jacks.

“Shy Boy” is Disco Pop and while there is Beatles-formed-in-the-70s flowing from a lo-fi synth foundation, I get a bit of early OMD from it. Rising and falling into and out of majors an minors, the song has a shimmy born in a brightly colored room, but an underlying longing. Click play and see what you think below.

Paul has a pretty interesting method for releasing jams. Songs are paired, A/B, like a 7″ single. There will be three of these dual releases coming in quick succession launched on Tri-Tone Records on Friday and “Shy Boy” will be backed by the song “Getting Back To You”. A band has been formed, touring later 2020…

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