The Radio Dept Release New Music

So, the Radio Dept. are reissuing their sophomore effort, Pet Grief; they’re also touring the US with fellow Swedes, Hater. But! None of that is of any import, as the news is merely there to disguise a brand new song…the first in two years! Here, the band begins subtly, moving in slow with a calmed melody; it sort of reminds me of a really stripped down Clientele. Their usual haze and texturizing are absent, at least until the first minute of the song, and even then, it almost feels more like an uplifting of the initial opening, before slinking back to the trickling pop gem. They promise there’s more on the way, and I promise, I’ll be rushing to keep you up to date, as they’re one of my faves! Their US dates start in April thru early May.

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