Pop Rock Tune from Tonne

I love a good jam, but even more when it’s got some Austin lineage, like this Denver band, Tonne. It’s the work of Jay Tonne, who used to play down in our neck of the woods as part of Black Forest Fire. This single comes with the announcement of the Bridey Murphy EP, and while it’s still a very guitar driven sound, there’s a huge focus on the delivery of melody throughout this first listen. It’s got nods to college rock all over it, though approached with the warmth you might find in the likes of Nada Surf. Clearly you can be loud and charming all at once! The EP will drop on March 13th.


  • This sounds so good. Cheers, ATH. – definitely nailed the Nada Surf angle… 😉

  • Thanks Nelson! I didn’t even get the Nada Surf angle until you guys brought it up and then of course it was like “Duh”! I have to give a lot of recording credit to Logic and Mac, but most importantly Jason at the Blasting Room in Fort Collins, CO. One could drive right by it given its mixed status as residential and business zoning. But once inside there’s no doubt you’re in a top notch high quality recording studio doing endless high-quality work in the middle of a little mountain college town.

  • So good to hear, Tonne! Sounds like a great place. Surely you keep up with KCSU in Fort Collins, but I’m going to send you a little something cool. cheers, nelson

  • The Team worked their asses off for my little unheard of EP, and given the fact that when we started I had no web presence, no video, and no real buzz since my last band’s record came out in 2013. We didn’t get one even remotely negative review, and the digital Spotify streams and radio plays were turned out pretty damn good. If Bill, Nelson and Co. can do this for an unheard of artist like me, imagine what they could do for you if you were actually good and people liked and had heard of you!!

  • scott gerald mitchell

    listening and liking on KTSW from Texas State U, surprised no “new sincerity” comparisons.

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