Go Get Mum Announce New EP

What on Earth is in the water over in Australia this week!? I’ve covered Sweet Whirl, Brain Drugs, The Great Divides, RVG…and now we’ve got the announcement of a new EP from Go Get Mum. The band have the muted jangles, akin to work from peers like Dick Diver or the Lucksmiths, but this song for me is all about the vocal work (which I’m assuming is Izzy). There’s this assuredness lurking in the melody, like the voice knows there’s nothing better in the world at this very moment; I love the slight pitch change right at the chorus (“When you go please mop the floor”) as the rest of the band joins in with backing vocals. What a great song to wrap up a great Aussie week…leading to the question and the title of the band’s new EP, Ok Now What…it drops March 20th via Meritorio Records.

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