Cathedrale Share The Bet Video

It’s weird how the world works. Two albums into their career already and I’m just now hearing of French outfit Cathedrale; I owe it entirely to this ridiculously catchy pop boppper. This tune brought out the energy immediately with a quick drum roll and the throb of bass bobbing in the speakers. Guitars soon joined the fray, and before the vocals even came in I was having a ball listening to this tune. That’s the thing, the vocals are definitely in that sort of indifferent punk mode, and I dig that, but some of the best parts occur in the absence of voice. You can feel the fun in the chorus, though there’s no chorus; the band just let go and carry you away with exuberant garage rock. Their 3rd album, Houses are Built the Same will be released on March 27th via Howlin Banana Records.

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